Yahoo 即時股價

XCEL 的讀法 在儲存格使用下面函式 台股 =NUMBERVALUE(WEBSERVICE("")) 美股 =NUMBERVALUE(WEBSERVICE("")) 上面 f=XXX 即為格式,可以參考

How to call the free Yahoo Finance API

The base url your going to call is

Then you add a ?s= and the stock symbols your interested in such as APPL, GOOG and MSFT like so

Then you specify the info you want. There is a large list of stuff you can specify, just look at the list below for more info.

This will get the name of the stock, the ask price and bid price (the “nab” = name,ask and bid)

Financial Data you can Download


a: Ask
y: Dividend Yield

b: Bid
d: Dividend per Share

b2: Ask (Realtime)
r1: Dividend Pay Date

b3: Bid (Realtime)
q: Ex-Dividend Date

p: Previous Close

o: Open


c1: Change
d1: Last Trade Date

c: Change & Percent Change
d2: Trade Date

c6: Change (Realtime)
t1: Last Trade Time

k2: Change Percent (Realtime)

p2: Change in Percent


c8: After Hours Change (Realtime)
m5: Change From 200 Day Moving Average

c3: Commission
m6: Percent Change From 200 Day Moving Average

g: Day’s Low
m7: Change From 50 Day Moving Average

h: Day’s High
m8: Percent Change From 50 Day Moving Average

k1: Last Trade (Realtime) With Time
m3: 50 Day Moving Average

l: Last Trade (With Time)
m4: 200 Day Moving Average

l1: Last Trade (Price Only)

t8: 1 yr Target Price


w1: Day’s Value Change
g1: Holdings Gain Percent

w4: Day’s Value Change (Realtime)
g3: Annualized Gain

p1: Price Paid
g4: Holdings Gain

m: Day’s Range
g5: Holdings Gain Percent (Realtime)

m2: Day’s Range (Realtime)
g6: Holdings Gain (Realtime)

52 Week Pricing
Symbol Info

k: 52 Week High
i: More Info

j: 52 week Low
j1: Market Capitalization

j5: Change From 52 Week Low
j3: Market Cap (Realtime)

k4: Change From 52 week High
f6: Float Shares

j6: Percent Change From 52 week Low
n: Name

k5: Percent Change From 52 week High
n4: Notes

w: 52 week Range
s: Symbol

s1: Shares Owned

x: Stock Exchange

j2: Shares Outstanding


v: Volume

a5: Ask Size

b6: Bid Size

k3: Last Trade Size
t7: Ticker Trend

a2: Average Daily Volume
t6: Trade Links

i5: Order Book (Realtime)

l2: High Limit

e: Earnings per Share
l3: Low Limit

e7: EPS Estimate Current Year
v1: Holdings Value

e8: EPS Estimate Next Year
v7: Holdings Value (Realtime)

e9: EPS Estimate Next Quarter
s6 Revenue

b4: Book Value


p5: Price / Sales

p6: Price / Book

r: P/E Ratio

r2: P/E Ratio (Realtime)

r5: PEG Ratio

r6: Price / EPS Estimate Current Year

r7: Price / EPS Estimate Next Year

s7: Short Ratio

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